camo shirt too swaggy 🙂 lol


Hi guys 🙂

I have decided to dedicate this post to “camo swagg”. I personally love military green and went through a phase whereby I was obsessed with camouflage clothing LoL.

Camo gives you an edgy look, and there is many different ways you can wear camo clothing. I especially love a man in camo OOOoooooooouuuuuuuu


If you are a fan of camouflage but you would still rather avoid looking like Destiny’s Child in the Survivor video LoL, The secret is this: keep your outfit as simple as you can, and add basic apparel that will create the perfect contrast! Or you can still go the camo on camo route and still look good.

Below you will find some inspirational ideas on how to “rock and kill” camouflage fashion:

Riri in camo
me in camo pants

Me, myself and my camo jacket 🙂

Are you a fan of camo? If yes, please comment below on how you would wear camo? you are also welcome to email me pictures in your favorite camo looks.





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