Why every woman should be shopping in the men’s section

Zaraman cardigan

If you’re looking to save a bit of money while shopping for clothes, here’s a tip: stop buying everything in the women’s section of your favorite stores and spend some time shopping from the men’s section.


One of retail’s dirty little secrets is that many options in the men’s section are either better made or cheaper than very similar items stocked in the women’s section. There’s a reason for this. Many retailers budget to spend a certain amount on menswear and womenswear, and because menswear usually involves many fewer styles than women’s, retailers often have a lot more budget for mens materials (yes, this is why men’s sweaters feel so good).

There is also clearly some price discrimination at play (have you ever heard of “pink tax”?) plenty of instances exist where the exact same piece of clothing (e.g a simple plain white hannes t-shirt) in the women’s section is more expensive than in the mens section.

Price and quality aside (though those are definitely biggies) one of the best perks of shopping the men’s department is simply the cool factor of borrowing from the boys LoL.

Furthermore, one thing I love about fashion is that there are no rules/boundaries when it comes to dressing. It also really comes down to personal preference or what style you like.

I personally love shopping for certain clothing (jackets, shoes, hoodies and cardigans) in the mens section. Women and mens clothes are definitely cut different, however mens clothes tend to be more comfortable than women’s clothing.

Believe me when I say you don’t need to be tall to find men’s pieces to love. Women of all sizes (even petite girls) can find cool pieces that provide a genuine effortlessness that’s sometimes hard to come by in the ladies’ department.

Lastly, mens clothing are not only for dykes, they can be worn by straight women as well (incase you did not know) LoL. Below I will show you a few ways to make mens clothing look good, trendy and “lit” 😀




Topman vest
Topman vest
Topman vest
Kim Kardashian in Adidas mens sweatpants




Kim Kardashian in mens camo jacket

2 thoughts on “Why every woman should be shopping in the men’s section

  1. Yeeees honey, yesss.I have ever shopped in the man’s department, but I borrow from boyfriends and my brother lol. However, I concur with what you said, their clothes are super comfy.

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